How to Restore Deleted Files from Windows XP

Microsoft had gained lot of popularity when it deigned the first version of Windows operating system and launched it in the market. Due to the large user acceptance they developed newer and advance versions. After launching Windows 2000 and Windows ME versions they came up with advanced and customized version called Windows XP. It was mainly developed targeting the personal computers in home and business enterprise.

XP represented the short form for “eXPerience” which highlights the point that it is developed with better user friendly view by enhancing the features of Windows 98 version. It was the first version considered as a consumer oriented operating system. Today, you can find a large number of Windows XP users compare to other versions if you just do a survey. Many of the business fields also use Windows XP to carry out their business task. Due to large population in usage you can find a huge amount of data storage on Windows XP computers. As any other operating system you can find data loss on Windows XP as well. During such times Windows XP users have to search of a recovery tool that can be compatible to be used on Windows XP. One of such tool is Windows XP Deleted File Recovery. It’s specially designed for Windows XP and does not cause any harm when downloaded and used on your system to undo delete.

You can recover deleted files from hard drive where the FAT or NTFS file system is used. It can undelete large number of files instanlty from a Windows computer hard disk. For more information on how to undelete files from hard drive, one can read here -

How files get deleted on Windows XP?

Formatting a drive can happen in different ways and situations some are mentioned below:

  • Changing Recycle Bin settings: In recycle bin a user can make lot of changes as per their needs. Recycle Bin folder saves a file from an accidental deletion. During any point of time if a user deletes a file he can restore them back by navigating to the recycle bin folder. But if a user would have checked on “Never store deleted files in recycle bin” in settings, you may lose the file forever.
  • Formatting a partition while reinstalling Sometimes when a need arise to perform a reinstalling. A user may perform it unaware of the fact that he has not taken a back up. In such incidents you have to format a drive to move on with the reinstallation process. At the completion of such task you may end up having none of the files.
  • Performing factory restoration: During certain times you may find difficulty in operating on your computers. This may be because of errors in the operating system or software installed on the Windows XP system. In such conflict times a user will be left with only one option i.e. restoring the system. Such restoration can cause deletion of files saved after the restoration date.

Free Undo Deleted Software to Recover Deleted Files from Windows XP

Windows XP Deleted File Recovery is a eminent tool that is advised by most of the industrial experts to restore deleted files from Windows XP system. It can restore deleted PST, videos, animations, sound files, documents etc. After the recovery of deleted files you can preview its content for correctness before you save them on any device. It also enables you to recover deleted pictures from SD card and sort them based on its extensions Read on get the details of SD card recovery. Meanwhile, the tool is also compatible with Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Vista, Server 2003 & 2008, etc.

Safety Measures Before recovering Deleted Files on Windows XP: Once the files are being deleted from Windows Xp either accidentally by you or due to techincal issues, then immediately stop using the drive from where files are being deleted. Actually, when the files are deleted from Windows XP hard drive, only the memory occupied by those files are being released and made available for new files to be stored. Untill the new files are replaced in that memory location, those deleted files are recoverable. So, stop using the drive from where files are being deleted, and utilize this free Undo Delete Software to regain those deleted files back.

After the installation process you just need only few minutes to recover the files back. You can perform recovery after format of drives like hard disk, USB, memory cards, iPods etc. Follow the link to restore formatted files. You are left with a option to save the recovered the files on any compatible storage drives when using this tool.

Steps to restore deleted files from Windows XP:

Step 1: Perform an installation process on your Windows XP operating system after downloading the software from the site. On launching the application the software pops the first window. Select “Recover Files” option from it.

Undo Delete - Main Screen

Step 2: When the software displays the second screen select “Recover Deleted Files” option from it. The tool prompts you to select the required drive. Make the selection and click “Next” option

Undo Delete - Select Mode of Recovery Screen

Step 3: The software performs a deep scan and retrieves all files with the help of the inbuilt algorithms and displays you with a list of all restored files. Select the required files and save it on a secure location on your Windows system.

Undo Delete- Save File Screen

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