How to Undo Formatted Hard Drive?

Disk formatting is a major scenario faced by users of today’s world. When you connect any drive to the computer for the first time, the operating system always prompts you to format the drive. When operating system formats any drive it performs testing on the drive and writing a new file system in it. It helps your computer to recognize the directory structure which defines the way how the files are organized.

When you connect a drive sometimes the system does not continue the access to the drive until you format them. In such situations you will be forced to erase all the data from the drives for its use. The other advantage of formatting hard drive is it removes the Trojans and viruses affected on your drive. In all individual drive there is a format option provided so that user can erase the drive in just one click and avoid the tiring task of deleting each file one after the other. If you have any technical problems accessing your drives or a drive is infected fully with a malicious threat formatting is the last and the best option that can be done to get rid of it. Sometimes there may be accidents of clicking a format option accidentally. During such instance you and go for Undo Format tool that is a recovery tool which is best known for its amazing results. Simply download the demo version of this tool and try to recover deleted files. If you have deleted files from Recycle Bin, you can use this tool to recover files. Click here for more details. Sometimes, deleted files do not get saved in Recycle Bin. The files bypass the bin when the size of selected files exceeds the collective size of Recycle Bin. Then the Recycle Bin could not hold the deleted data. You can also recover such data deleted from Windows 8 PC. For more info read this.

Scenarios wherein we usually format our storage drive:

Formatting a drive can happen in different ways and situations some are mentioned below:

  • Unintentional formatting: Users sometimes in busy schedule lack attention in their work. They get so involved in completing their work that they accidentally end up clicking on the format options on the drive. This leads to the loss of whole lot of files stored on your drives. Such accidents are simply unavoidable.
  • Corruption in the drive: When a virus attacks a file on a drive it spreads around infecting all other files saved on the same. It replicates in just seconds of time and cause indifferent behavior such as renaming the file name, destroying the file structure, converting the files into shortcuts and causing data loss. In all such instance the operating system prompts you to format the drive when you connect them to the system to avoid data loss from hard drive files
  • Errors in boot sector: During times of error on file boot sector the operating system prompts you to format the drive. Errors on boot sector can be caused due to boot sector virus. This virus is a special type of virus that targets MBR sector on the hard drive. It copies the code into the hard drive memory and prompts users to format the system as soon as after the system start up.

NOTE: Once you format the drive either intentionally or unintentionally without any backup, and really want to undo formatted drive, then immediately stop using the formatted drive. Do not save any new files on the formatted drive. This is because, if the formatted files on the drive are replaced with the new files, then no one can help you in recovering files from formatted drive. So, stop using the formatted drive, and immediately utilize this Undo Format tool to recover files from formatted drive easily.

Free Undo Format Tool to Recover Formatted Drive:

Undo format is a spell bounding tool that can be used when you format your drive intentionally or unintentionally and cause deletion of files. You can recover deleted photos from SD card, hard drives, MMC card, flash drives, iPod etc by the use of this tool. Having such effective tool you can even preview the file before storing them. This software can be to retrieve deleted files from Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and Macintosh systems like macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. Follow This link to know more about recovery on Windows XP

After the scan the files displayed can be stored based on hierarchical structures, file extensions, file name, date, time etc. Refer Link to restore deleted PST files; excel files, spreadsheets, graphic files etc.

Steps to Undo Formatted Drive:

Step 1:Download and install External Drive recovery on your PC. Then run the application by clicking on the desktop icon. From the first screen select “Recover Files”option.

Undo Delete - Main Screen

Step 2: Then on the next window select “Recover Deleted Files” based on the scenario of data loss and select the drive from where you lost the files.

Undo Delete - Select Drive Screen

Step 3: A new window is displayed with the list of restored files from your disk. Restore files from drive by saving them back on your system.

Undo Delete- Data View Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users