Undo Deleted Excel Sheet

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for different documentation purposes. It is a database management system used to create relational databases. It can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. It is a spreadsheet software written and supported by Microsoft for both Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. Microsoft Excel is very famous application used widely across the world.

Have you accidentally deleted your Excel files/Spreadsheets? If yes then main question is how to undo deleted Excel sheet? As there is no option available for undo in Microsoft Excel, don’t feel panic at that particular point. This is because, it is sure that after reading this article you are able to undo deleted Excel sheet in few simple steps. This article describes the step by step procedure to recover deleted Excel sheet/spreadsheet from your system. Undo Delete software is the best and most efficient tool used in industry to recover all deleted Excel sheet from empty recycle bin, formatted disk etc. Apart from this, you can easily recover deleted Microsoft Access files and also DOC files, PPT files by using this software. This software is used to recover all deleted files from Recycle Bins, formatted partitions or after re -installing Windows. Apart from this, you can also use this tool to recover deleted sticky notes with ease. If you want to know more about this recovery process, then follow link: https://www.undodelete.net/sticky-notes.html.

Scenario for deletion of Excel documents/Spreadsheets

There are so many reasons for deletion of your Excel worksheet from your system. Don’t worry! Undo Delete software is designed in such a way that, you can easily retrieve deleted Excel sheet under all circumstances.

  • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unnecessary file from your system, there is a chance that you can accidentally delete the important Microsoft Excel file/documents. Deleting such files using Shift + Delete key combination on Windows 10 or any other Windows systems illustrate this clearly. Anyhow, recovering data after shift delete in windows 10 will not be a problem anymore even you have lost your precious Excel files. It is because Undo Delete can effectively recover such files even preserving names of such files.
  • Power Surge: : Power surge is a damaging spike of voltage through the electric network. Abruptly shutting off system due to power surge problem can delete your precious Excel worksheet.
  • Interruption during File Transfer: When file transfer gets interrupted such as abruptly ejecting the external device like external hard drive or memory card may result in loss of your Excel documents.

Undo Delete software is an award winning application, which has been highly rated in the market to perform permanent recovery of deleted Excel sheet from your system in short span of time. This advanced tool can also be used to undo deleted Windows-7 Files in an effective and efficient manner.

Salient features of Undo Delete Software

Undo Delete software is a comprehensive tool that is powered with most advanced features that helps you to undo erased Excel sheet with full ease. It can even get back deleted Excel Files from different types of Solid State Drives (SSDs) which are getting more popularity in these days. Just refer the following page to find out some data loss scenarios pertaining to SSDs. https://www.undodelete.net/ssd-deleted-data-recovery.html

  • This application scan your system deeply and find all the deleted Excel sheet within a couple of steps.
  • It provides a simple user interface that helps to undo erased Excel sheet with full ease.
  • This utility also has the capability to recover Word files lost from hard disk, memory card, pen drive, etc.
  • It is used to undelete password protected documents/worksheet as well as compressed files.
  • It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems.

Undo Delete software can also be used to recover all the deleted photos from external devices like external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives etc . For more detail, Refer this link www.undodelete.net/restore-images-from-sd-card.html

Procedure to undo deleted Excel sheet

Step1: Download and install the demo version of Undo delete software and launch the icon on your system. Select "Recover Files" option and then "Recover Deleted Files" option from this window

Undo Deleted Excel Sheet - Main Screen

Fig 1. Welcome Page

Step2: Select the drive from where you want to undo erased Excel sheet and click on “Next” option. This tool scans your drive and recover deleted Excel sheets quickly.

Undo Deleted Excel Sheet- Recover Deleted Files

Fig 2. Recover Deleted Files

Step3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can use “File Type View” option to preview all recovered files before saving as shown in Fig 3.

Undo Deleted Excel Sheet - Preview Screen

Fig 3. Preview Screen

Step4: Select the location and click on “Save” button to undo deleted Excel sheet.

Undo Deleted Excel Sheet - Save Screen

Fig 4. Save Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users