How to Recover Deleted PSD Files?

Deletion of files are very common from any storage device like hard disk, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc. So, have you ever knowingly or unknowingly deleted PSD files from your storage media? Want to recover deleted PSD files? Since, these files are created when you modify your best pictures for better view on Adobe Photoshop tool. After losing Photoshop file, you might be thinking about how to retrieve deleted PSD files. Don’t worry, here is a best solution for you. You can easily recover PSD files with the assistance of proper recovery tool like Undo Delete software. Today, it is not a big deal to restore deleted PSD files from any storage device. Even, you can retrieve deleted data from laptop hard drive as well as from desktop computer. This software is highly effective to restore PSD files deleted or lost from Windows and Mac OS based systems.

If you are really serious about restoring deleted PSD files, then stop using the drive from which PSD file is deleted. Since, before PSD file recovery, if you are doing any file storing or fetching operation on that drive then the chances of restoring PSD file may go down. So, don’t wait, as this software is already available on market, even you can get it from internet. Just download it on your computer and launch the application as soon as possible to retrieve PSD files in an effective way. This utility can be performed on any data storage device such as external hard drive, pen drive, memory cards and so on. Even the tool can recover deleted files from phone, digital camera, camcorder, etc. No need to worry about the reasons behind deletion of PSD file, since the tool is capable enough to handle any reason regarding deletion of PSD files.

Here you can check some scenarios which may lead to deletion of PSD files:

  • Assume that you want to optimize your computer for better performance, but while defragmenting the hard drive, the process get interrupted or failed due to some reason. In such case, you may find that some files are missing from hard drive, which may also include deletion of PSD file.
  • Sometimes, you may accidentally delete the PSD file using shift + delete key combination on your Windows computer, hence it will bypass the Recycle Bin and you won’t be able to retrieve it manually.
  • Due to virus attack also PSD file may automatically get deleted from hard drive or other data storage drives.
  • In certain case, PSD file may go missing from hard drive due to disk error, file system corruption, software conflict, and other. But this software is capable enough for recovering PSD files deleted due to different reasons.

Remarkable features of Undo Delete software:

  • It uses read only mechanism to recover deleted PSD file, so it will never damage or modify the original PSD file while recovering.
  • The software is implemented with fastest scanning and recovering technique, so it recovers deleted PSD files within couple of minutes.
  • Recovers PSD files created on almost all versions of Adobe Photoshop application such as CC 2015, CC 2014, Photoshop Touch, etc.
  • Along with recovering PSD file, the tool can also be utilized to recover deleted image files of other format like JPEG, PNG, CR2, DNG, and so on.
  • Especially built to perform recovery of PSD files on various versions of Windows as well as Mac PC such as Windows 7/8/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, Snow, Snow Leopard, Lion, and so on.

Steps for recovering deleted PSD file from hard drive of computer

Step 1: First download Undo Delete software on your computer. After that run the software, here you have to select “Recover Photos” option on the main screen as shown in Fig 1.

Deleted PSD File Recovery - Welcome Window

Fig 1. Welcome Window

Step 2: In this screen, choose the drive from which you want to recover deleted PSD file and then click on next button as shown in Fig 2.

How to Recover Deleted OSD Files? - Select Drive

Fig 2. Select Drive

Step 3: Wait until the software completes the scanning process to recover the PSD files. Once the process is completed you can see all recovered files using “File Type View” option, before saving on preferred storage as shown in Fig 3.

Recover Deleted PSD Files - Preview Screen

Fig 3. Preview Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users